Calabasas – LACMA Engagement – Lori + Claytor

This is a special engagement session for me because Lori and Clay are my sister in-law and soon to be brother in-law. My wife and I have been together for over 5 years so I know these two pretty well. :)

To get the day started we headed out to Calabasas to some beautiful open fields they knew about from when they were researching wedding venue’s. Lori and Clay are a very fun loving, yet also ┬ávery romantic couple. It was pretty easy to get them laughing given how much I know about them. For example, Lori loves the TV show Friends as does my Wife so I was just sayin stuff like “Joey doesn’t share food!!!” and they would crack up.(Friends lovers will know what I’m talkin about) After we finished up at the feild we headed out for some coffee.

Just a little info about some of the photos below. Lori and Clay are journalists and met working at a paper together. Clay writes for the sports section and is from Dallas (Dallas Mavericks) and Lori writes articles on crime but loves coffee so we decided it would be fun to shoot them with their favorite articles from the last year along with them spray painting their date on a newspaper since that is such a huge part of their story.

After it got dark it was time to head over to our third location which I have wanted to shoot at for a long time, the LACMA building (Los Angles County Museum of Art). It was awesome! I was laying on the ground, climbing on light polls and getting dirty looks from the security in the process. It was a blast! I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in April. It’s gonna be epic….


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